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Free Android cleaner and optimizer

Ever get the feeling your Android phone or tablet is running much slower than it should do? Install Power Clean and you can make your device run quicker in a flash.

Take out the trash

Power Clean is an Android optimizer and memory cleaning utility that makes it easy to rid your phone or tablet of unneeded files, freeing up previous space and boosting device RAM to make things run more smoothly.

Power Clean looks and behaves very much like the industry leading Android optimizer, Clean Master. The interface is heavily inspired by Clean Master, and much of its functionality is the same. The difference is that Power Clean is much lighter. The app's footprint is under 2MB and scans are fast, making it a lean tool for giving your device a quick shot in the arm.

So what does Power Clean do? Its main features include a junk cleaner, memory booster, app manager, and a device info utility.

The junk cleaner looks at all your cached application files, obsolete APKS, and residual junk files, highlighting which files can be cleaned without having a damaging effect on the use of your device. There's also a handy privacy scanner, which highlights private data stored on your device and gives you the option to clean it.

The privacy tool includes a permissions section, which provides an at-a-glance view of which apps are requesting certain permissions (access to call logs, contacts, recording, location, etc.). You have the option to quickly uninstall any of these apps if you choose to.

You've got the power

The memory boost option within Power Clean provides a very quick and easy way to free up RAM. With a single tap you can view running apps and the RAM they are consuming. Then, a tap on the ‘Boost’ button will free up this memory, improving performance as a result. Within the memory boost section there’s an autostarts manager, where you can prevent certain apps from auto-starting. This is a handy tool for ensuring that your device always loads up smoothly.

Power Clean has a simple app manager that lists all of your installed Android apps. You can perform batch uninstallations of apps just by checking which apps you don’t need any more then hitting the Uninstall button. Apps can be filtered by frequency so you can see which ones you use the least. You can list and disable pre-installed apps too, to reduce memory consumption even further.

The device info section of Power Clean displays information and diagnostics about your phone or tablet clearly in one place. Much of the info is available anyway through your Android settings menu, but Power Clean presents things much clearer. As well as general information about your device’s specs, you can check on battery energy levels, battery cooler status, and which hardware features you have installed.

You can set up notifications in Power Clean to alert you when memory is being overused or when your Android device starts overheating.

The Power Clean interface is attractive and easy to use, with large buttons for each of the main options of the program, and big, bold progress bars that make scanning and optimizing very satisfying.

Fast and effective

There’s not much to fault with the Power Clean app itself, although it could go further in terms of its features. Unlike optimization rivals such as AMC Security, there’s no antivirus, anti-theft or backup tools within Power Clean. It would also benefit from a widget that would allow you to perform scans and optimizations without opening the app (something that Clean Master has).

The trade-off for its shortfall in features is that Power Clean is able to deliver fast results within a streamlined and lightweight interface. It does its job simply and effectively

Power Clean is a small, fast, and totally free Android device cleaner and booster.

Power Clean is a small, fast, and smart Android device cleaner and performance booster featuring a junk cleaner, memory booster, device optimizer, app manager. With this app you can free up storage, boost RAM, remove or disable unnecessary Apps, lock apps, boost games and get your device running like new again.

Is your Android device performance slowing down?

Do unwanted Apps and redundant files occupy your mobile device's storage space?

Power Clean, the fast and powerful cleaner that helps you to free up storage, clean up memory, stop autostart Apps, remove or disable unnecessary Apps, know your device, optimize and speed up it. Just one click, you’ll be the Optimize Master of Android.

Feature Highlights

? Junk Clean

Free up storage and optimize performance by removing old junk files and clutter such as system cache, residual file, cleaning out the download folder, and more.

? Memory Boost

Clean up memory (RAM) and optimize phone speed by removing redundant background tasks.

Stop auto-start Apps to increase boot speed and reduce memory usage.

1-tap memory cleaner and booster widget makes it easy to clean your phone directly from the homescreen.

? App Manager

Easy to batch uninstall unwanted Apps or backup important ones. Disable pre-installed and system Apps.

Scan and clean redundant APK files.

? Device Information

Handy status of CPU, memory (RAM), GPU, camera, storage, ROM, battery and hardware features.

Keep track of memory (RAM), storage space and CPU/battery temperature.

Stop Apps from wasting battery life and causing device to overheat.

TuneUp task manager's memory thresholds to optimize your phone's performance.

? AppLock

Prevent others from accessing your important private apps such as Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Gallery and so on.

Lock these apps to protect your privacy easily.

? Quiet Notifications

Gathering all the useless notifications to make them quiet and clean.

? Game Boost

Boost your game speed up to 80%+, say bye-bye to lagging!

? Duplicate Photos

Scan all the similar photos, find out the best one automatically and remove the duplicate photos to release more storage.

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  • Lightweight and fast
  • Attractive user interface
  • Effective junk file and memory cleaning
  • Lets you check status of your device
  • Apps manager for third-party and pre-installed apps


  • Light on security features
  • No widget

Older versions

Program available in other languages

Power Clean APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 4.3
  • (92)
  • APK Status

User reviews about Power Clean

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    great App for Android.
    Cool!It's easy and effective。More Powerful to clean and optimize my Android。Woow! Faster than ever。

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Clean up my mobile phone, the general feeling of flying.
    After cleaning up my mobile phone, storage space increases, memory usage is less, the g More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    best boost App.
    the best boost App ! I used it. Keeps my phone running smooth and fast. Love this app.

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I like this clean tool, great app, great power clean.
    Great Android clean-tool, make my device fast and smooth. Wonderful feature, such as Junk  More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    POWER CLEAN is awesome! Ever since I got it my device is so fast.
    A friend recommended this app to me so I could clean my phone's junk. I tried  More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    The Boost Memory Boost is powerful!.
    Facebook was lagging my phone up to 60% but this app fixed it in a few secs. Great app Pros: JUNK FILES CLE More


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